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WT83 - Condensateur tantale à électrolyte gélifié

Avec 470µf @ 100V en taille D, le WT83 est le condensateur parfait pour miniaturiser un design.

La gamme WT83 est une extension des familles ST79 (suivant les valeurs MIL CLR93) mais avec deux fois plus de capacitance. C'est la solution parfaite pour miniaturiser les conceptions existantes en jouant sur la taille et le poids. Par exemple, le WT83 offre 470µF à 100V en taille D, alors que le ST79 n'offre que 220μF dans les mêmes conditions. 

Published on 18 Sep 2017 by Marion van de Graaf

New entity, Exxelia Magnetics

This is an internal merger of two innovative, professional and complementary companies both designer and manufacturer of high-end would magnetic components, which have a history of successfully working together for a year. Exxelia Magnetics will have greater scale, breadth and capabilities to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. Exxelia Microspire Microspire was founded in 1978 and became part of Exxelia Group in 2008. Exxelia Microspire has been designing, developing and manufacturing wound components for over 35 years: transformers and inductors, electro-magnets, rotors and stators. Exxelia Microspire has several manufacturing sites, notably newly located low production cost facilities offering competitive solutions. Exxelia Microspire’s know-how includes standard winding technologies: linear (in RM, ETD, EP, EFD, ER, EQ and other formats) and toroid. For harsh environment applications with shock, vibration, and high temperature issues, Microspire offers innovative specific technologies including SESI, TT and CCM. Exxelia Microspire’s qualified technologies, clearly defined design rules and industrial organization provide the platform on which it is able to offer its customers optimal solutions. Exxelia N'Ergy Exxelia N’Ergy (ex N’Ergy) was acquired in 2015 by Exxelia Group.  Exxelia N’Ergy designs and manufactures passive specific electromagnetic components in small and medium range: Transformers, Chokes, Sensors (tachometer, gyros, …), Electromagnets.

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